The C Word: Resource Hub
Whilst the events may be over (for now) the community spirit and great resources from our amazing speakers live on.

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by Natalie

The C Word is a Virtual Events Series focused on giving back to our community and providing resources which are valuable and which addresses the issues you're concerned about right now.

Whilst the events may be over (for now) the community spirit and great resources from our amazing speakers live on.

Below you'll find resources from each session, free to access, download and take away to become part of your career toolkit.

Session 1: Recruiting During The C Word

TR BLOG - Why the COVID10 outbreak shouldn't halt your hiring progress

Speaker Resource: Jo Matthews, LadBible, Top Tips Tuesday

TR BLOG - Top Tips for Nailing That Video Interview Every Time

TR BLOG - Job Seeking During COVID19

Speaker Resource: Blog - Roxanne Robinson, iTech Media, Striving to be the best business you've ever worked in

Session 2: Keeping Your Teams Together, When They're Not

TR BLOG - Managing Remote Teams Successfully

Speaker Resource, Charlie Newman, AND Digital, Blog - The New Normal, Extraordinary Agile Mindset

Online Resource: McKinsey - Communicating with Teams during COVID19

Online Resource: Smarp - 20 ways to engage with remote employees

Session 3: The Pandemic and Parental Pressure

TR RESOURCE - Useful Resources for Kids and Parents

TR BLOG - The kids are alright, no really they will be!

Speaker Resource: Dan Reed, The Career Dad - Tune into the Career Dad Podcast

Speaker Resource: Amanda Newman, Accenture and The Career Mum - Join the Career Mum Community

Speaker Resource: Jenny Streeter, HMRC, Blog - Parenting Through Crisis

Session 4: The Virtual Imposter

TR BLOG - Crisis of Confidence, Imposter Syndrome - why I am here!

Speaker Resource, Ngozi Weller, Aurora Wellness - Grief and COVID19

TR BLOG - How can I Get Rid of Self Doubt at work?

Online Resource - Stylist Magazine, Keeping Imposter Syndrome in Check

Session 5: Is Your Growth Mindset in Lockdown

Speaker Resource- Mental Health & Mindfulness Video - Maria Angotti

Speaker Resource - Be Braver, Caroline Pankhurst

Speaker Resource - Go For Growth! 3 months of free membership at Manchester Digital - Michael Palmer

Session 6: Personal Branding

Speaker Resource - Personal Branding, Penny Haslam

Speaker Resource - Having fun with business and personal branding - Simon Swan

Session 7: The World of Work - Is it over for the 9-5

TR BLOG - Managing Remote Teams Successfully

SPEAKER RESOURCE: Dan Sodergren, Your Flock - Free Value Profiles

Session 8: What's Next?

TR BLOG - Job seeking during COVID19

TR BLOG - Top Tips for Transferring Into A Career in Tech

READING LIST: Who is in your personal boardroom?

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