Your Journey Into Tech: Our Free 15 Week Programme

Our Your Journey Into Tech programme, which runs part-time over 15 weeks, is designed to bring beginners and returners to a job-ready level. We teach full-stack web development with a cloud-first approach, along with incorporated career and personal development support.

With the support of our sponsors and partner companies, we will work to secure you a rewarding job in tech where you will thrive, learn and develop.

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Could you be a Tech Returner?

Tech Returners provides real skills development and practical training which is helping to redefine and change the face of careers in tech. We are a positive learning community which will help you to take control of your future career in tech, build a network, learn new skills and ultimately reach your potential.

Our mission is to empower you to define your own journey into tech. We will equip you with the necessary personal development and technical skills, so you can choose your own career path.

Our work is focused on providing a platform for returners – those who have been on a career break for reasons relating to raising families, career changers and more. We offer a flexible, accessible way to use the experience and transferable skills that you already have, in order to build your career in tech.

Our Eco System

At Tech Returners all of the different elements of our learning environment complement each other – we call this our Eco System.

Our Eco System focuses on creating an empowering, collaborative culture where you are encouraged to realise your full value and potential.

Meet Our Returners

Wondering if Tech Returners is for you? Our returners are passionate, adaptable and curious...and have the opportunity to go into a variety of roles, including software development, testing and non-technical roles such as project management and product ownership. Here are some of our inspirational Returner stories

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Case Studies

Career changer - from Teacher to Tester

Tech Returners gave me the ability to go out and do something about changing my career, helping me determine my next steps. It's completely changed my life and I would definitely encourage other people to do it.

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