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Career and mindset coaching on our programmes

I’m not special. I am just someone with a half-managed mind.’

When I first heard this statement from Kara Loewentheil on her podcast, I was intrigued. Coming from the mouth of someone who had built a multi-million-dollar coaching business in just a few years, the ‘half-managed’ part didn’t make sense to me. At that level of success, I expected her to be fully in control of her mind, career and business. So, when she claimed that she was only able to manage her mind about half the time AND still be where she’s at, it got me thinking:

What if we could all learn how to manage our minds just a little bit better? Where could we all be a few months from now?

This is where the ‘Mindset management’ part comes in the Tech Returners programme

If you’ve watched our webinar, or read one of our pages, you’re probably aware that Tech Returners is not another tech refresh and up-skilling programme. It’s a mixture between learning the latest technologies and something we call Career and Mindset coaching. Finding the right name for the work we do was a struggle. So much so that I even held a workshop to try to encompass what my part of the programme was all about.

On one side, there was the career aspect. Preparing you for an interview with our hiring partner is a core part of what we do. We cover things such as confidence on camera, how to answer interview questions, how to talk about yourself without feeling arrogant, how to ask for the salary you truly want, and so much more. You also get mock interviews and tons of feedback to help you improve. Naturally, words like ‘career readiness’ and ‘professional development’ were thrown in as name suggestions, but it somehow felt incomplete.

That’s because it is my firm belief that the only reason I was able to do all of the above things in my own interviews was because of all the mindset work I had done prior to that.

In other words, without ‘mindset management’, there was little ‘career management’ to do. That’s why we focus on developing not just your career confidence, but also your general confidence as a person. And that comes from learning how to manage your mind, even if it’s only half the time!

Using a mixture of practical tools, personal examples, and small group activities, Career and Mindset coaching sessions will teach you how to see yourself in a completely new way.

Whether you’re a personal development junkie (like me), or you’re not a fan of the ‘touchy-feely’ things and writing, this programme will meet you where you’re at. The first few weeks are focused on building your confidence and your resilience. By talking about topics such as growth mindset, courage, imposter syndrome, dealing with overwhelm etc., you’ll be taken on a journey of getting to know yourself better. Through that, you’re not just developing the skill of self-awareness and reflection – you’ll also become more comfortable with communication, public speaking, presenting, teamwork and giving feedback (all of those ‘interpersonal skills’ interviewers keep asking about)

Most importantly though, you’ll learn to manage your mind even outside of the programme. As one of our returners put it:

I sometimes catch myself thinking something negative and say to myself ‘Mili wouldn’t approve!’ So I look for a way to reframe my thoughts, and it’s helped me to feel so much better

Reframing is the core skill that allows you to manage your mind. It’s deceptively simple once you learn how to do it, but it’s extremely powerful. Because when you learn how to manage your thoughts just about half the time, you’ll become unstoppable. Learning new languages and technologies will feel exciting, not overwhelming. Going for an interview would be something you look forward to, not dread. And the negative self-talk will be a thing of the past, replaced by true, unshakable confidence.

Want to learn how to do it? I literally teach that in Week 1 of the Tech Returners programme.

Our programmes cover all the lovely Career & Mindset topics we talked about here so why not check out our next programme!

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