How to apply for Tech Returners

Our programmes provide the support and coaching you need to get back to a career in tech. You may feel a bit ‘rusty’ or low in confidence but that’s why we’re here – to catch you in, not catch you out!

Let’s run through how to apply for Tech Returners courses. Our application process is as follows:

1. First stop is a form which asks a few simple questions about you and the programme you’re interested in.

2. If it’s looking like the right fit, a team member will arrange a quick intro call to share some programme information and learn more about you.

3. Then, a short tech task helps us understand how you approach your code. After this we’ll do a behavioural interview. This interview will be conducted in a safe and friendly manner, and is nothing to be afraid of! Once you’ve passed this stage, you’ll get an offer to join our Tech Returners programme!

We’re passionate about helping people fulfil their potential, and we believe that our programme offers a unique opportunity for individuals to empower themselves both technically and personally. This starts right from the application process. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt at your application, we will provide supportive feedback and in the majority of cases, we will encourage further learning and development. We always encourage you to develop on the feedback provided and reapply again in the future!

If you are successful, look out for a welcome pack in your inbox which tells you a bit more about what you’ll be up to on the course! After that, it’s the countdown to the programme start date.

If you have any questions at all about our application process, check out our frequently asked questions or get in touch with the team!

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