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Tech Returners supports businesses to hire diverse, experienced tech talent whilst changing lives. Returners are skilled software engineers that took a career break and are passionate about getting back to tech. Work with us to become a hiring partner on our newest initiative, TR4: The 4 Week Returner Launchpad. Our latest model provides business with access to diverse talent, quicker through our bespoke programme for returners.

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Want to own your Time to Hire? TR4 is the solution for you.

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How TR4 works

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April, May and June 2024

Each month, two companies join forces with Tech Returners with a goal to hire four accomplished software engineers that, with expert support, are ready to return to tech success.

Collaborating closely and incorporating your feedback throughout, our team leverages our six years of expertise to handpick diverse, skilled returners that have the perfect blend of technical fit, passion, and cultural alignment.

Four weeks of tailored support

Each returner receives four weeks of bespoke training around Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, or Cloud Engineering – sharpening their technical skills and boosting career confidence.

Post-training, candidates seamlessly integrate into your tech team, ready to make an impact from day one.

Shape the future

As a partner, you have the opportunity to contribute to an exclusive CSR initiative. We’ll record the impact of this venture, sharing insights and recommendations in a published white paper, featuring your company as a leading voice in fostering inclusive tech talent careers.

Bonus: The TR4 initiative is accessible! Each returner receives a £2,000 bursary over the four weeks, to help with living expenses, childcare, or other financial barriers. To learn more, download our info pack.

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Chat to us about your business needs!

Why we created TR4

In 2023, we witnessed a transformation in the tech landscape, impacting the predictability and scale of tech hires. Despite these changes, the demand for diverse, experienced tech talent persisted. For 2024, what if there was a quicker, more accessible way to tap into a hidden pool of skilled, versatile software engineers from diverse backgrounds?

Enter TR4

Aligned with changing industry needs, this unique new model connects progressive businesses with individuals returning to tech after a career break, quicker. TR4 is your way to own your Time to Hire and responsibly secure four exemplary tech candidates within four weeks, ready to seamlessly integrate into your team. 

Think of TR4 as a launchpad for securing four experienced, diverse software engineers for your team, in just one month. 

"Returners are a pool of talent with better gender and age diversity than other more traditional pools, and with talented people that only need a bit of confidence to resume a successful career." Mariot Chauvin, Director of Engineering at The Guardian

Are you an individual looking to return to tech?

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Success stories

  • Don't just take our word for it, hear from the businesses who have already invested in Tech Returner talent. Learn about their successes, learnings and ultimately, the impact on their technical teams.

  • Our Returners lives are changed by the businesses that partner with us. Learn of the impact your organisation could have by hiring diverse, experienced tech talent.

Our hiring partners

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We currently support JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C# and Cloud Engineering. If your language isn’t on this list, please do still reach out to us as we are always looking to enhance our tech curriculum offering. Tech Returners for businesses is about ensuring we provide the talent that the industry is calling out for.

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