Your Journey Into Leadership

Addressing the 5%

Just 5% of senior roles in tech are held by women.
We're passionate about changing that.
Our YJIL programme is designed to develop and empower female leaders in the technology sector.
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4 Workshops: 1 Journey

The 4 part programme focuses on understanding and building your own unique journey into leadership.
Identifying natural strengths and how to communicate effectively.
Building confidence and empowering you to develop a personal brand internally and externally.
Building technical leadership for you and your team.
Underpinned by creating and developing a support network to aid your ongoing development.
Find more information about our workshops and what they cover:

Real Results for Real Businesses

Since 2018, we've worked with 31 female technology leaders from globally recognised companies committed to developing their talent. our programme delivers real results increasing the confidence of female leaders and providing them with the tools to empower their teams to success and inspire the leaders of the future.


Businesses are struggling to fill tech roles, yet at the same time we're consistently asked the same question:

"How do I hire more women into tech leadership roles?"

There's no magic answer, it's about fresh thinking. Are you creating an environment where women in your team can develop themselves for success and inspire others?
Your Journey into Leadership works with you to invest in your talent and help you create a business where people develop and grow, assisting your retention efforts and helping your business attract new talent.

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Applying for YJIL

We welcome applications from businesses and individuals. If you'd like to apply for a place on the next cohort of Your Journey into Leadership starting February 2020, just hit apply to started!