Join us on a confidence journey.

Start with I is a 5 part webinar series designed to work with individuals to create clarity and confidence in just 5, one-hour sessions.

Delivered through a series of webinars

Series priced at £34.99

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Led by Tech Returners CEO and People Coach Beckie Taylor the sessions cover setting your career vision, identifying strengths, building confidence and resilience, understanding and projecting personal brand, identifying goals for success and how to measure them.

In a time when little is certain this programme will bring clarity of thought and allow individuals to take a moment to focus on self, to discover new found confidence and belief and to set a plan for personal success.

Understanding the "I"

Setting your career vision
Knowing what is important to you

Your Strengths

How to identify your strengths
How to make them stand out

Building confidence and resilience

What is impostor syndrome?
Why and how to manage it

What is your brand?

Understanding your expertise
How to project your brand

Goals for success

How to set goals
How to measure for success