5 days, 1 hour per day on a journey through DevOps

Delivered through a series of webinars

Our next series starts on 27th July 2020 - 12:30 to 13:30 each day

Series priced at £34.99 and 10% of every registration is donated to NHS Charities

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Day 1 - History and Culture

What is DevOps? Understanding its origins, culture and CALMS

Day 2 - Provisioning

You'll create a Kubernetes cluster using Infrastructure as Code - Terraform, touching on VPC's, subnets and high availability

Day 3 - Operations

We'll work through utilising and operating your Kubernetes cluster, understanding Kubernetes components, kubectl interations and also utilising Helm charts

Day 4 - Deployment Automation

We'll stand up a CI/CD tool and deployment of a series of different interacting applications as Docker containers on to your cluster

Day 5 - Observability

We'll work through centralised logging, monitoring and alerting utilising Prometheus