Being constantly challenged and stretched all whilst learning new skills is inspiring my returner journey


I have been teaching maths and IT to 16-19 year olds at Trafford College since 2007, most of whom face significant educational and behavioural challenges. Prior to this I worked for Cap Gemini as a Senior Consultant for 17 years where I managed teams of up to 10 people, with responsibilities for planning, managing and delivering software solutions across a broad range of industries. Having now left Trafford College, I would like to take my career in a different direction. I have excellent communication and organisational skills and I am ideally looking for a challenge that will combine my IT, teaching and maths skills.


I have a mathematical background with a maths degree from De Monfort University. I worked at Cap Gemini for 17 years and used the following programming languages : PL/1, Unix, Ingres, SQL and Oracle Most of my coding/ design was with Oracle Forms and SQL. I also had some Oracle DBA training to support the DBA on a project. Over the years I undertook many roles including developer, designer (data and system), tester, analyst and team leader. For the last five years I was with Cap Gemini I was a Senior Consultant, primarily working as a business analyst.

These roles involved understanding a customer’s requirements for a new computer system and translating their needs into a high level specification for the new system - bridging the gap between non-technical business users and the development teams. After several consultations with the customer to ensure their requirements had been understood correctly, the system was then designed and built. During the design and build stages, I would typically oversee the work taking place to ensure the system was built as specified and met the users’ needs.

Once all the development was complete I would then lead the test team to ensure the system functioned as expected. Finally I was involved in training the customer staff on how to use the new system before it was put into live operation.

Why a career in Tech

I love the challenges that working in the IT industry bring. Every day there is a different puzzle to solve and you are constantly being challenged and stretched and learning new skills.

I enjoy the satisfaction of creating something that you can be proud of and that is going to help improve the efficiency of a role or process.

Transferable Skills

I have excellent communication skills with the ability to adapt my explanations according to the audience's need. I am very good at thinking outside of the box and coming up with solutions that others may not have thought of. I pride myself on the quality of my work and as a result I am good at quality checking other people's work.

I have excellent time management skills and as a consequence I am good at planning. I enjoy being challenged and thrive in a team environment. I have managed small teams and I enjoy the challenges of motivating staff to achieve the end goal.