Excitement about the possibilities of tech provides is inspiring my returner journey


I'm an outgoing, trying to stay fit and healthy, 51 year old who still retains a childlike curiosity to discover new things but with a wise head on my shoulders that analyses what I do discover.

Passionate about animals, I have 6 cats, a dog, a rabbit and a tank of fish and have fostered numerous cats/kittens, including hand-rearing a litter of orphans, whilst volunteering with local rescues.

I'm a qualified scuba diver and love nothing better than to be chilling out under the sea with a turtle or two. I've yet to encounter wild dolphins on a dive but that would definitely be top of my bucket list.

Married to an Egyptian I do tend to spend any holidays in Egypt, a country I love for its history, culture & people.


As a programmer at John Lewis I was trained in DB2 and COBOL and worked on payroll and accountancy systems including coding the tax credit and student loans programs when they came in. I have also implemented numerous software applications in my own business.

Why a career in Tech

I'm passionate about creating systems for anything and everything. I use a lot of software to run my own business including scheduling, accountancy and customer feedback programs. This has enabled me to deliver a very customer-focused service that is high-end.

I also like to be very organised in my home life too, using menu planners, online shopping and numerous apps to stay in touch, stay organised and stay in control. Tech has the power to change lives, thankfully mostly for good, and it excites me to see the possibilities of technology like AI & 3D printing and how they can develop.

Transferable Skills

Retail Management, Statistics, Systems, Analytics, Running a business, HR, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Customer Service.