Tell us about your experience?

I have 7 years experience working in large and fast paced teams, more recently in recruitment, and am looking to transfer the skills I have acquired throughout my career into a software engineering role. Having had 3 years recruiting IT positions such as Software Engineers, Testers and Developers, this has sparked an interest in developing a career in tech.

Tell us about your technical skills?

I have recently completed my journey into tech with Tech Returners. Throughout the course I have developed skills in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, React, AWS, SQL, GitHub and the command line. Acquiring these skills enabled me (working as part of a team) to create a fully responsive webpage application with integrated mail chimp functionality.

Transferable Skills

I am a passionate and logical person who thrives in collaborative and creative environments. With experience working in HR and with people, I have good interpersonal skills and enjoy working in teams where I can communicate ideas effectively.

Tell us why you are passionate about a career in tech?

Technology is a passion of mine and I enjoy learning the trends that technology is taking in order to work more efficiently and see progress and success. I love seeing the big picture mapped out for technology needs and I want to be involved in an industry that constantly evolves - it's exciting!