Tell us about your experience?

I currently work in Brand & Packaging for a Pet retailer and have been with the company for around 12 years now as I've progressed in my career. However I am now looking for a new challenge, something that suits my interests and skill set and a new career to be passionate about and grow in. This has subsequently led me to pursue a role in Tech and more specifically in developing a career as a software developer.

Tell us about your technical skills?

Technical skills include: Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, NodeJS, AWS (Lambda and RDS), Express, Git, Object Oriented Design, Agile methods including TDD using Jest, Paired Programming.

Transferable Skills

My transferable skills include: cross function team working, planning, logical thinking, multi tasking, working to strict deadlines, enthusiastic, drive to succeed, good time management, process driven, good attention to detail, passion for learning new things, effective communication, organised, ability to break down a task into workable chunks.

Tell us why you are passionate about a career in tech?

I am passionate about a career in Tech because I find it fascinating that you can create something useful, fun, imaginative, practical all with code. It is so versatile and a part of everything we do, the possibilities for what you can do with it are endless and a valuable skill to have. I love to problem solve and in my spare time I often play breakout room type puzzles or logical thinking games - I find this same enjoyment in coding, to find ways of building something from the ground up to produce something functional, and when it doesn't work, finding out why and how to fix it! It's because of this passion for problem solving to create something visual and tangible that I'd like to pursue a career as a front end software developer and I'd be open to exploring different areas within that to gain experience and find a role that's best suited to me.