Tell us about your experience?

I am the father of a two-week-old baby boy, with a background in science, I have worked over 10 years as a nurse in different areas of a military hospital.

In 2006 I was part of a health care team on a peacekeeping mission with the UN in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We were a small group that met the medical needs and care of hundreds of people in the contingents of two conflict cities.

It was an unforgettable experience, I dealt from a snake bite to a cholera outbreak. I worked as a part of the team solving the problems that arose every day, making important decisions that occasionally involved a significant health risk.

I have been always fascinated about technology; I grew up with a Spectrum ZX learning "Basic" language with a manual my parents give me. When I had 10 years old, I took my first steps in MS-DOS and later Windows. I founded a company with friends at the age of 17, making adverts in magnets, working with Corel Draw and Photoshop.

In 2007, when I came back from Africa, I decided to go back to study what I was passionate about.

Upon graduating as an IT technician, I moved to Spain where I worked for six years in a company that allows me the opportunity to gain experience as an IT Technician. I have always had a special interest in the development of applications and websites, I was fascinated by the fact of how people with imagination and programming knowledge can solve all kinds of problems creating incredible pieces of technology.

I remember to think about problems that I would like to solve in my community If I knew how to develop an application. Therefore, I decided to pursue my passion and I started studying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in my spare time, I spent hours solving problems in Codewars and when I arrived in Manchester, I discovered a huge community that could help me further. I participated in some coding meetups in Manchester and last year I enrolled in my first programming course. When I've finished that course, I was convinced that I wanted to become a Software Engineer.

I found Tech returners in my quest and I joined their program, thanks to that today I feel confident and ready for my first tech job as a Software Engineer.

Tell us about your technical skills?

Within the Tech returners program, I acquired the knowledge and put into practice the fundamentals of software development, frontend development, and backend development.

I have learned skills and technologies such as Programming Fundamentals, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Agile Processes, Version control with Git & Github, Problem Solving Techniques, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, React Development, APIs and Cloud AWS Technologies, Cloud Terminology and Skills, Databases & SQL, Serverless technologies and API Development, NodeJS and the Express framework.

Outside the TR course, I have discovered and acquired skills such as Auth0, MomentJS, SugarJS, and MaterialJS.

I worked as a part of a team developing the final project, we use technologies such as Trello using Kanban method to manage the project and distribute tasks and Slack for communication. We used LiveShare for pair programming on many occasions which allowed us to move faster in the project and at the same time learn from each other.

I have solved and tested many exercises in JavaScript using VSC and uploading commits through the command line to GitHub. I applied Googling search techniques on some occasions. I searched sites like MDN, W3Schools, Stack overflow, and official documentation to discover the best way to apply methods and techniques but also to learn new ones.

Transferable Skills

  • Tech lover
  • Team player
  • Experience working under pressure and dealing with a deadline
  • Experience solving problems all levels
  • Empathetic with the team and users
  • Approachable and helpful person
  • Liable
  • Efficiently time management
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Spanish language

Tell us why you are passionate about a career in tech?

All my life I have been passionate about technology, I worked as an IT Technician for years. I set up, fixed, and solved many problems in companies and individual costumers and I love that but part of me feels incomplete, needed something more stimulating, more creative. When I started studying coding, I remember my first programming course feeling like a child with his ZX Spectrum computer trying to learn to program.

From that moment on, my initial interest became a journey to follow, so I set aside my IT career and I enrolled in the Tech Returners program to become a Software Engineer.

From my point of view, coding is one of the easiest ways to solve practical problems. If we consider any other type of engineering, you need some type of raw material: cables, components, large machines, and special pieces to create any design you have in your head. But coding only needs a decent computer and Internet connection and the final product depends on how good your idea is.

Following the experience in Tech Returners, I would like to apply my knowledge as a developer in a company that allows me to continue learning new technology with a great culture and a team of diverse developers