Combining creativity and logic to create solutions is inspiring my returner journey


I'm a 28 year old with experience in the hospitality industry and a degree in philosophy. I love music, fashion, philosophy, and all the arts. Writing is a huge passion of mine, and I'm usually half-way though writing a short story. For the last few years I have suffered with a chronic illness which has been very challenging but has also taught me to adapt to what life throws at me and developed my interest in technology.


I have experience in customer facing roles in which I have been able to develop communication skills and learn the importance of working well with others. I am a creative person with a logical mind and am able to look at problems from different angles to find solutions.

Why a career in Tech

Technology is a growing field that is incredibly relevant and fast moving. I like that it's a career where you are always learning and being challenged to overcome new problems. Whilst logic is important, there are a huge creative element to programming, which I enjoy. It is also a career with a lot of variety in what you can create and be a part of, and has the ability to reach people worldwide.

Transferable Skills

Customer Service, Communications, Creative Writing, Problem Solving