A love of languages is inspiring my returner journey


I'm 30, biologically Dominican and culturally Spanish. I live in Salford with my husband and a little person who calls me 'mummy'. I love swimming, hiking and languages.


I manage content localisation for a major online travel provider, I have experience in managing people and projects. I also work with budgets, I create localisation strategies. I do a lot of stakeholder management and objective setting. And I use data to make business decisions. I also speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Why a career in Tech

I love learning new languages. Learning coding is also like learning a new language, so that's exciting in itself. I'm also pursuing a career in tech so I can use the new skills, along with my passion for languages, to expand my role and link it with machine translation -or similar fields that join both language and tech.

Transferable Skills

Content Management, Content localisation, Project Management, Budget Management, Stakeholder Management, Languages: Spanish, English & Portugese.