Tell us about your experience?

I am naturally curious about the world and love to learn new skill. I have two Bachelor degrees under my belt (Economics and Art). After I moved to Manchester, I decided to change my field of interest and started to learn coding on my own. Later on, I was successful in getting onto the Tech Returners course, which was a good kick-starter for my career and has given me a solid knowledgebase with real world experience in creating applications.

The tech world is ever changing and evolving, so, to keep up to date, I regularly attend different meetup groups, participate in hackathons, as well as work on my own projects.

Tell us about your technical skills?

JavaScript, Python, TDD, Pair Programming, Agile Processes, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, React, NodeJS, Express, Git, GitHub, AWS (Lambda and RDS), Serverless, APIs, SQL, Microsoft Office.

Transferable Skills

Since high school I have always been socially active. Volunteering and participation in different projects have helped build my confidence and overcome the fear of the unknown. I have mastered managing my emotions by always staying positive in tough situations, which has helped me to engage with many interesting people and be involved in exciting projects. Being a logical person with a creative mind I have received positive feedbacks from my peers that I am innovative and good at suggesting new and creative ways of solving problems. Want to build a holiday destination app? Great! Let’s make it quiz like!

At the same time, thanks to my background in economics and strong logical mindset, I believe I am good at making key decisions, by carefully weighing up the strengths and weaknesses of ideas and proposals. No matter what, if I need to organise events, write down on paper or work on a project. I always try to think in terms of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and keep the goal in mind.

Where others see problems, I recognize opportunities. During the first month of my work at a call centre and experiencing more than 100 calls daily from different customers, travel agents, insurance companies and others, I identified a problem in a key business process. I discussed with my line manager how to implement and action new process plans to improve customer support service across the department.

Tell us why you are passionate about a career in tech?

Subjects which have always kept me interested are Maths, Art and Science but so far, I couldn’t find the perfect career path where I could use those areas, until I discovered the world of tech. For as long as I can remember I have always been curious about the world. Being a newbie programmer is not easy, but since I started to work on solving problems and writing code, I discovered that challenges keep me motivated and … awake (now I know what people mean by sleepless nights coding). Also, I am very excited about future opportunities and being able to contribute to the community. As much as I like learning new things, I feel that my mission is to share my experience and knowledge with other people. One of my dreams is to become a mentor and by example encourage and help more women to start their careers in tech. Being a woman in tech, means doing what I am passionate about by making the lives of others easier and being able to participate in creating the future where people want to live in.

I would like to work for a company with the same sense of social responsibility as I have.