Discovering a true vocation in coding is inspiring my returner journey


I'm Spanish and have lived with my wife in Manchester since 2016. I am currently working at Amazon. My experience working with technology is very extensive. I have been working with computer equipment and server networks for many years. However, coding is where I have found my true vocation. I have done a coding course of two weeks in Code Nation where I learned foundations in HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as I used tools such as Visual Studio Code, Trello, Slack and GitHub. Since then I have not stopped studying on my own online in CodeCademy.

I enjoy keeping updated. After work, I usually spend 2 hours a day doing exercises, reviewing Javascript or increasing my knowledge by reading something new.

Now in my forties and with a second child on the way, I have realized that I want to dedicate my life doing this professionally either in a company or working on my personal projects.


In addition to my passion and knowledge of technology, I consider myself a flexible and reliable professional person with the ability to work autonomously and as part of a team. I can follow a line of thought although I personally like to have a different perspective to be able to contribute new ideas.

Why a career in Tech

My passion for Technology is a lifelong one, since I was 8 years old and my parents gave me my first rubber keyboard ZXSpectrum computer which you had to connect to the TV as a video game console. I remember doing my first script by copying the code from the manual which took me more than an hour to get as a result the drawing of a landscape in black and white. I still remember that moment as a great achievement and I think from that moment I knew that my future would be on the side of technology.

I enjoyed solving problems and knowing that I have created something that will be used productively or that can be of great help to other people, I think it is very stimulating and enriching. Coding is one of the easiest ways to solve practical problems.

Transferable Skills

Medium knowledge HTML / CSS / Javascript / jQuery/ Handlebars.js and foundation PHP.