Tell us about your experience?

I'm a father of three children with a background in creative technologies. Initially music and video production then evolving into web development. This initially commenced with building Wordpress CMS sites for small business clients and soon evolved into looking at the code & frameworks behind this such as HTML, CSS and the SEO elements important for building up client’s online presence.

Examples: Client working in the holistic therapy sector:


Created and Co Director of a Coffee listing company on the web (Roaster Depot). Currently list over 430 of the UK and Ireland’s coffee roasters:


This led to me landing a place on the Tech Returners course in which the full stack of web development was covered. Previous to this I’ve freelanced and ran a business in video production. I am self-motivated and a keen problem solver with the necessary initiative to work autonomously when needed but also thrive working in a team environment.

Tell us about your technical skills?

I created projects and apps using the full stack learned and developed on the Tech Returners programme. Front end and Back end development using HTML, CSS, REACT, BOOTSTRAP, JS, AWS LAMBDA, SQL, GITHUB. Understanding of the methodologies behind UX & UI.

I'm also very interested in the methodologies of UX UI something I’m currently exploring and developing further (via online courses and meet-ups and meeting with members of the industry.

The course provided full stack training including Programming Fundamentals, Problem Solving Techniques, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, React Development, APIs and Cloud AWS Technologies, Cloud Terminology and Skills, Databases & SQL, Serverless technologies and API Development, NodeJS and the Express framework, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Agile Processes, Version control with Git & Github. Design wise knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Used Command line (Terminal) and Visual Studio Code and uploading changes/commits via the command line to our Github accounts. Javascript exercises were solved using VSC using the documentation and with online help using resources such as Mozilla MDN and Stack overflow and W3Schools. Utilising knowledge gained during the course I built the apps and projects using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap and React libraries. Alongside this extra functionalities were imported via NPM packages. Moment.js was implemented for date handling.

The Back-end enabled us to look at AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Serverless Framework, SQL, Mysql library, Express, AWS RDS. Within VSC, ESLint was installed to analyse my code and quickly find problems (such as Syntax).

Also creating animations for web using the JS P5 libraries. This is great for the visual learning of Javascript whilst also showing its potential capabilities. I've attended a number of Code Bar events in Manchester.

Transferable Skills

Studied Video Production and Sound Engineering Technology. Created video and audio content for businesses. Filming in High Definition video and photography and editing using tech tools such as Final Cut Pro Suite, Soundtrack Pro, and Adobe Creative Suite. This would often mean travelling to locations to record (video and audio) on various sites (which could be building sites, places of education or 5 star hotels). Technical skills were nurtured during this time but just as importantly personal, confidence and social skills were further developed.

I ran a business as a videographer, video editor and sound and audio creator. Produced video and animation media content for business and education. Skills were again polished further in this business. The company was split between myself and the other director. I maintained the video and sound production side whilst my business partner ran the animation and web side.

I carried out a house renovation project completed self taught: electrical work (complete mains and lighting rewire); lighting design and implementation and fully wired home network (Cat6 and node zero with media server).

My middle 15 year old daughter struggles with Autism with comes with many challenges, but these ultimately have been navigated successfully and have had a profound and positive effect.

Latterly I branched out into web development after discovering an aptitude for creating small scale websites, building CMS websites for small businesses. An important aspect of this is meeting clients on a personal level in order to find out exactly what they are about, what I am about and how we could work together.

Tell us why you are passionate about a career in tech?

I'm hugely passionate about creative industries, primarily through the medium of technology.

I've always been involved with various forms of technology since I was a young child. Growing up I had to build up my own equipment to facilitate producing music (often soldering audio cables to achieve the desired effects). This led me to progressing through college and University studying music and video production technology and sound engineering - all facilitated by computer systems. I also design through computer technologies too.

I've used tech in my home by building a central media network hub (using CAT6 cabling) and using a central server to maintain media libraries (then along came Netflix and Spotify - I’m conscious that technology moves very fast!). I've eventually evolved into web development after trying my hand at building websites after discovering a passion for this and its many challenges.

Looking at businesses with a flair for creating, that are challenging and evolving to keep up with the fast paced trends within this vast industry. Web development including UX UI and Front End roles (React, Angular, Vue et al) is the environment I'm looking for.