The desire to harness technical skills in a new sector is inspiring my returner journey


I'm originally from Nottingham but came to college in Manchester at 17 (and never left). I studied Sound Engineering/Video and Music Production Technology, had a keen interest in making music and had an album released at one stage. I later transferred these skills into Video production (filming/editing/audio) and ran a small production company and freelanced video. I have three children and currently live in South Manchester.

I renovated a property the family moved into after self-teaching myself how to electrically rewire a house, lighting installation and design and carpentry. The process was especially important as it taught me how to plan, design and implement processes I’d never been taught. This has helped with my new journey of web development.


I've always studied & worked in some form of technical field. My college & University years were spent working with computers and technology (in the field of music/audio and video production).

Although computer programming and coding is fairly new to me, there have been elements of programming in sound engineering (sequencers, synthesisers, samplers and other audio equipment) and video production (working with Video codecs for example).

I’m currently building websites via the Wordpress Content Management System editors: although this isn’t direct coding there are elements of HTML and CSS I have to add and understand. I ran a small production company so am happy to work within a team or manage my own.

Why a career in Tech

I’ve worked with some form of technology all my adult life. From programming synthesisers, samplers and other audio equipment (or building my own wired audio systems as a child when on a very tight budget!) to later on using computer software such as Final Cut Pro Suite (for video editing), Sound Design, Logic Pro for audio and Adobe Photoshop for photography.

Lately I’ve been building websites using the Wordpress Content Management System. On the back of this I’ve become very interested in the coding behind it all (initially in frustration I couldn’t control the design and functionality as much as I wanted to).

The Tech Returners course fortuitously came about when a friend mentioned his wife had started the course - almost at the exact time I started to get very interested in the sector.

Transferable Skills

Video Editing and Production, Sound Engineering, Business Management, Operations, Photography and Editing.