Tell us about your experience?

I have a forest engineer bachelor degree and after 5 years working in this area I decided to take on a new challenge. I've always been passionate about Tech so after a few online courses and one year of IT graduation I recently finished a Full Stack Development course at Tech Returners.

Tell us about your technical skills?

Through the online courses I did I had contact with manual and automated tests in addition to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, MySQL and PHP. Of which I have projects that are stored on my GitHub page. During my year doing an IT degree I learned the basics of Java, responsive design, software engineering and programming logic. My last experience was through the Tech Returners course where I improved my knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In addition to learning ReactJS, SugarJS, NodeJS, Express, Axios, AWS (lambda and RDS), serverless framework and TDD method.

During this course I delivered 2 projects, the first was individual where I built the Front-End, API and Back-End and the second was in group of 3, where I was responsible for the Front-End and API. In both projects the techologies I used were ReactJS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, AWS (RDS and Lambda), Serverless framework, Postman, Axios, React-Bootstrap, React-Router, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Trello and Slack.

Also during the course I solved several tasks using JavaScript, SugarJS and NodeJS always within the TDD methodology. Projects and tasks are stored in my GitHub account. I'm now studying and building an e-commerce using the following technologies React-Router, Redux, Hooks, Context API, Stripe API, GraphQL, SASS and Firebase. All code and updates are also being stored on GitHub.

Transferable Skills

Over the past 5 years I've worked with Logistics / Operations and during this time I've performed different positions, first as an intern then as an analyst and finally as a coordinator. My biggest challenge was as a coordinator, where I was a team leader of around 30 professionals and I was responsible for a few contracts of the company as well.

Apart from Logistics and Operations itself I also had to set the annual budget of my department, think about the operational costs and make sure that we had all we needed to keep it running. Set up the team's working schedule wasn't easy either, I used to have a Kanban board where I met with the operational team everyday to discuss all the tasks that we had to do during that day. This methodology worked really well to manage the workload and plan to meet the deadlines. I believe this skills I bring with me from my previous experiences can be well used in a developer role where we have to plan our work to meet the software requirements and the deliveries dates.

Tell us why you are passionate about a career in tech?

I've always been passionate about Tech, how things move fast and how you can create new ways to solve problems. I always push myself to new challenges and a career that allows me to keep studying and learning new things everyday besides been part of this massive community is incredible.