A love of languages is inspiring my returner journey

I'm 30, biologically Dominican and culturally Spanish. I live in Salford with my husband and a little person who calls me 'mummy'. I love swimming, hiking and languages.


Being constantly challenged and stretched all whilst learning new skills is inspiring my returner journey

I have been teaching maths and IT to 16-19 year olds at Trafford College since 2007, most of whom face significant educational and behavioural challenges. Prior to this I worked for Cap Gemini as a Senior Consultant for 17 years where I managed teams of up to 10 people, with responsibilities for planning, managing and delivering software solutions across a broad range of industries.


The challenge of a constantly changing environment is inspiring my returner journey

I’m 38, from New Zealand and I have been living in the UK for almost 17 years. I was been previously working as an IT recruiter, which helped me discover my passion for programming and the desire to change my career. In July 2019 I left my career in recruitment to pursue a new direction in software development.


Combining creativity and logic to create solutions is inspiring my returner journey

I'm a 28 year old with experience in the hospitality industry and a degree in philosophy. I love music, fashion, philosophy, and all the arts. Writing is a huge passion of mine, and I'm usually half-way though writing a short story. For the last few years I have suffered with a chronic illness which has been very challenging but has also taught me to adapt to what life throws at me and developed my interest in technology.


Working 'in' technology rather than alongside it is inspiring my returner journey

I've worked in technology sales for the past 5+ years and whilst i've loved learning about technology the sales side hasn't been fulfilling and so this year I have dedicated myself to a career change! I have started my own business cat sitting and also learning coding all whilst working a 'normal' job being an order processor. In my spare time I love to travel with my partner with Orlando and New York particular favourites.


Creating accessible tech which improves lives is inspiring my returner journey

I started my career in Academia with experience in conducting legal and policy research as well as teaching law seminars. After completing my PhD, my first move into STEM was working as a project manager for a mechanical engineering company.In my spare time I enjoy swimming and working with women to raise awareness of reproductive health conditions.


A desire for great useable tech is inspiring my returner journey

I’m an electronic engineering graduate with 8 years of professional project management experience within a blue-chip pharmaceuticals company. My own two children have now moved onto tertiary education and I am looking for my next challenge.


The creative side of coding is inspiring my returner journey

I'm 27 years old and a Senior Medical Writer with a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Manchester. I love skiing, hiking and baking.


Curiosity around code and fascination with fast innovation is inspiring my returner journey

I'm 26 years old and from Brazil. I have a degree in forest engineering and in my country I worked as an engineer for a few years. When my wife and I decided to move to the UK I also thought it was a good time for me to have the career change that I was thinking about for a while.


Excitement about the possibilities of tech provides is inspiring my returner journey

I'm an outgoing, trying to stay fit and healthy, 51 year old who still retains a childlike curiosity to discover new things but with a wise head on my shoulders that analyses what I do discover.


A desire for creativity and learning are inspiring my returner journey

I originally studied Fine Art Painting. After several years as a struggling artist, I taught myself web and graphic design skills which eventually led to a successful career in web and graphic design and production. A decade on, feeling keen to try something new and following an interest in health, I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2015.


I am 39 year old mum of two and I live in Altrincham.

I have spent the last 12 years working at the Christie Hospital as a Medical Physics Specialist. This involves designing and implementing radiation treatment plans for cancer patients using a specialist medical software package.


The desire to harness technical skills in a new sector is inspiring my returner journey

I'm originally from Nottingham but came to college in Manchester at 17 (and never left). I studied Sound Engineering/Video and Music Production Technology, had a keen interest in making music and had an album released at one stage. I later transferred these skills into Video production (filming/editing/audio) and ran a small production company and freelanced video. I have three children and currently live in South Manchester.


A love of computing is inspiring my returner journey

I am 35 years old, originally from Spain, I started my career in IT, building computers and repairing them, and now I am studying to become a web developer. My hobbies are the E-Sports, video games and football.


The challenge and satisfaction of problem solving is inspiring my returner journey

I'm a 43 year old mum to my son who is off to school this September for the first time. I studied computer science at Leeds University and went to work for SAS Institute. Since then my career has been fairly technical with most of the focus on SAS coding. Most recently I have had a 2.5 year career break spending time with my son.


Discovering a true vocation in coding is inspiring my returner journey

I'm Spanish and have lived with my wife in Manchester since 2016. I am currently working at Amazon. My experience working with technology is very extensive. I have been working with computer equipment and server networks for many years. However, coding is where I have found my true vocation.


A passion for tech and people are inspiring my returner journey

I’m a 34-year-old mother of three incredible girls. I spent 14 years in the Royal Air Force working all over the U.K. and overseas and left to raise my young family.