Your Journey Into Tech: Rediscovering confidence and the world of work
I have appreciated the ethos of the programme, positive but appropriate and realistic, supportive, non-judgmental. James, Harriet and Beckie are key to that.

Posted on May 22nd, 2019 by Natalie

Our current cohort of returners are halfway through their very own ‘journey into tech’ they’ve got to grips with the fundamentals of software development and heard about the real career options in technology available to them.

We caught up with John to find out how he's finding the programme...

I had worked for over 25 years in large IT organisations but a few years ago the pressure of juggling childcare responsibilities with work became too much. I took time out to concentrate on the family while my wife stayed in paid employment, this scenario is still relatively unusual, despite the progress of recent years.

The Tech Returners course offers a route back into the industry for anyone in a similar position. There are other men on the course from a variety of backgrounds, and the course aims to support everyone, regardless of gender, background or circumstance.

So, how have I found the programme?

Firstly it’s been very useful in terms of re-acquainting me with new technologies after a number of years out of the industry. I had assumed that with my long background in IT, I would take to the technical tasks relatively easily but in honesty I have found a number of them challenging. The course covers a lot of ground very quickly particularly in the beginning but I have found that focusing on fewer topics in greater depth has been much more successful for me.

The links to employers are incredibly useful in getting a sense of ‘what’s out there’ as I feel distinctly adrift in that regard after four years out, it has increased in my confidence in my ability to be able to return to paid employment.

Finally I have really appreciated the ethos of the course, the participants make for a really pleasant group and the approach of the programme is positive but realistic and appropriate, supportive and non judgmental. James, Harriet and Beckie are key to that.

Applications are open for the next cohort of ‘Your Journey Into Tech’ starting September 2019 click here to find out more and take the first step on your own journey into tech.