Week 2 — CSS and The Pub Quiz
As we continue into week two we hear the thoughts and experiences from SJ and Rachel:

Posted on Aug 1st, 2018 by Beckie


I found this week tough. Really tough. Now I'm panicking but it's good to have a bit of a kick up the bum to make you realise what you want. It was never going to be easy, I'm learning something brand new, so what did I expect?

Please don't think I'm being negative, I like a challenge and this definitely is one. I'm the kind of person that worries if I don't grasp things straight away – and this week I felt like I was asking LOTS of questions. Questions to the tutors, questions in my head... they were all whirring round in there and I knew it was probably taking me a bit longer than the rest of the group to pick certain things up.

This week's session involved introducing CSS to HTML. The best way I can describe this is like trying to learn Spanish and French at the same time. My brain felt well and truly fried! I understood the principles but putting it all into practice really confused me. I'm a nightmare for comparing my progress to others – I know I shouldn't. Everyone else seemed so on it this week and I felt a bit lost.

On reflection, it's OK to take a bit longer, to stop and work it all out. So far, my life has been go, go, go and the Tech Returners course was about me making a new start, learning a new skill and working out what next. With that in mind, I embrace the difficulty, the uncertainty and challenges.

Fingers crossed I can differentiate between my 'Hola' and my 'Bonjour' come week three!


I was really looking forward to week two of Tech Returners as I enjoyed learning some coding last week and everyone was so friendly and helpful. This week, we got straight down to work and Laura taught us some basics on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is the code used to style websites such as the colour of the text, font style, background, size of borders etc. We then had a go at some challenges on a website called CodePen which involved working out how to change the colour, size and font style of a webpage. We also used these new skills to make some changes to the websites we started last week.

I've definitely learnt one thing this week. It took me several goes to realise that the reason my code wasn't working was because I was using the British spelling of colour instead of the American spelling – color – which is used in HTML and CSS. I can't help finding that a bit irritating... I thought us Brits invented the computer?!

At the end of this week's session, James from CLOS consultancy, one of the Tech Returners' partners, took us through a quiz about CSS. As both teams did equally well, CLOS kindly gifted us a voucher for a Udemy (online training website) course on CSS and HTML. Thanks guys!