Tech Future Female Leaders: Session 2 - Owning Your Success
I left the session feeling really positive about owning my success, so, will I be shouting about my success for all to hear from now on? No, I'm still an introvert, but you definitely won’t find me apologising for it anymore!

Posted on May 15th, 2019 by Natalie

Our Tech Future Female Leaders programme is designed to develop and empower female leaders in the technology sector. Here one of our current cohort Alison, shares how she found Session 2.

If you asked me to talk about what my friends are good at and their successes I could reel off dozens of examples in a heartbeat. I’m their biggest supporters and I celebrate every success with them no matter how big or small.

But, if you asked me to do the same about myself… well, that’s a different story.

You’d see me shrink down inside myself from sheer embarrassment and I’d you give a long list of reasons why what I’d done really wasn’t that good or I was just in the right place at the right time. I’m not alone, it’s something lots of people struggle with and it can actually be quite limiting to our careers. But thankfully, at Session Two of the course, this group of largely, overly apologetic and super polite women were about to be shown a different way thanks to entrepreneur and TED public speaking coach Victoria Masso.

Victoria talked to us about her hugely successful career so far with no apologies, no justifications. She’s proud of what she’s achieved and owns her success and so she should. Then it was our turn. We were asked to share an achievement we were really proud of as a statement without any explanation. Just share it and own it. Try it yourself in a group of people, it’s really hard!

To wrap up the day we were invited to write on a post-it note something positive about other people in the group and give it to them. I couldn’t wait to do this. Getting to know everyone and listening to their stories throughout the two sessions, I had something I wanted to say to each person but it’s strange how sometimes you need a permission slip to do it.  I’ve kept all of the lovely notes I received (thanks Ladies!) and they’re stuck inside my notebook at work for the days when I might need a little boost.

I left the session feeling really positive and with some practical tips I could use to make owning my success work for me. So, will I be shouting about my success for all to hear from now on? No (I’m still an introvert!) but you definitely won’t find me apologising for it anymore!

The next cohort of Tech Future Female Leaders starts in September 2019 for more information and how to apply get in touch