Tech Future Female Leaders Cohort 1: A recap
I applied to join the first cohort of TFFL to develop professionally and become a role model to inspire others.

Posted on Feb 26th, 2019 by Natalie

Our Tech Future Female Leaders programmes is designed to develop and empower female leaders in the technology sector giving them the skills and confidence to succeed and develop in their own careers and to support and develop their tech teams to do the same.

Rachael Ainsworth took part in Cohort 1 of Tech Future Female Leaders, here she shares her experience

"I heard about the Tech Future Female Leaders (TFFL) pilot programme through various social media posts by Rebecca (Beckie) Taylor, a wonder woman leading the way in improving gender diversity in tech and co-founder of Women In Tech North, CLOS Consultancy and Tech Returners. She launched TFFL to combat the leaky pipeline in tech and to provide support in this area for women wanting to progress and develop. The programme would consist of four workshops, taking place one day per month between September - December 2018 with the goals to...

  • understand and build your own unique journey into leadership;
  • identify your own natural strengths and how to adapt;
  • communicate and work effectively with others;
  • build confidence and empowerment;
  • build your brand and develop your voice;
  • build a support network to aid your development; and
  • understand technical leadership.

I immediately got in touch with Beckie as the programme aims really resonated with me - building confidence in particular - and are increasingly important across STEM fields for attracting, retaining and promoting diverse talent. In my role as a Research Associate at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester, professional development through TFFL would help me improve in areas such as science communication, leading and working within collaborations as well as adapting academic teams to function more like those in tech (e.g. agile).

Also, as the organiser for HER+Data MCR, a women in data meetup group in Manchester, I find that I am a representative for women in tech without technically being in tech. I therefore applied to join the first cohort of TFFL to develop professionally so that I could succeed within science and technology and become a role model to inspire others.

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