Making a talent connection with Vodafone
Vodafone join Tech Returners as sponsor for the latest Your Return To Tech programme

Posted on Nov 11th, 2020 by Natalie

We are pleased to announce that we have welcomed Vodafone as sponsors for the latest Your Return To Tech programme supporting individuals looking to return to a career in technology in London and the surrounding areas.

Vodafone which is based in Berkshire with a London HQ will have the opportunity to meet with our cohort of 16 returners across the 8 week programme delivering lightning talks, presentations and providing an insight into their organisation and culture. They will also get to see skills in action as the 16 returners work on live technical briefs from sponsor businesses.

The 8 week ‘Your Return To Tech’ programme provides skilled tech professionals returning to industry accessible opportunities to refresh their skills and reignite their careers. The programme recognises the need from businesses growing their teams to bring tech talent to the market quickly and with the skills in place to hit the ground running in mid-senior level technical roles.

The entirely remote learning experience boasts a curriculum which includes refreshing existing tech skills, frontend frameworks ‘React’ (Hooks, Context, API) alongside Cloud technologies (AWS tooling), delivered alongside platform engineering skills such as infrastructure as code CI/CD and monitoring. Uniquely, individuals taking part in the programme will also take ‘Tech for Good’ live briefs from AO to work on throughout the 8 week period.

This will be the second time the programme 'Your Return To Tech' has run in London since it's expansion into the region in June 2020.

Since 2017 Tech Returners has empowered more than 55 returners, 49 of those women, into mid-senior level technical careers with businesses like AutoTrader,, Lloyds Banking Group, ANS and Infinity Works and has worked exclusively with the BBC in Manchester and London respectively. The organisation has recently completed a cohort of the programme in London working with businesses including Eigen Technologies, Alfa, BlackRock, Xero, Coeo and OpenCredo with 100% of returners being invited to interview with sponsor businesses.

Applications are open now