"Never. Never Give Up." advice for aspiring entrepreneurs from Tech Returners CEO Beckie Taylor
Beckie Taylor speaks to Tech Round

Posted on Sep 29th, 2020 by Natalie

In the interview with Tech Round's Dana Leigh, Beckie shared why she and co-founder James Heggs set up Tech Returners, the personal passion behind the organisation, hopes for the future and some advice for aspiring start ups and entrepeneurs including:

"It’s cliche but ‘just go for it’! If you are truly passionate about something then that’s the best possible place to be if you’re planning to start a business focused on that same passion. But be prepared to work hard, really hard!"

"Running your own business is incredibly rewarding but it can be frustrating and you are always, always learning. That’s something really important to remember – especially in those moments where you feel out of your depth. Surround yourself with great people, people who lift you up and support you but also people who will tell you the truth and give a guiding hand when you need it, and finally as one of my favourites quotes says “Never, Never, Never Give Up!”

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