My vision for reframing women in technology
This wasn't the first time I'd felt excluded as a woman in tech and that's when I decided “I'll go into the arena show up and change it!

Posted on Jun 24th, 2019 by Beckie

A few months ago, I was contacted to speak at an event talking about my journey as a women in tech and have the opportunity to share my experiences and advice to others. I thought great!!! That was until I heard the final words of that sentence "the cost of the event is £6000"

This isn’t the only time throughout my career in tech where I felt excluded to attend events and conferences, due to high ticket price tags and locations which put further cost on the learning experience.

But me being me, rather than sit and wallow I thought

“I will go into the arena show up and change it!”

So here I am sharing my vision on what I believe a conference should be…..

In Autumn this year we will be hosting “Reframe - Women in Tech, a conference for the community run by the community.

We want to create a space to encourage women to talk about their roles who may have not had the opportunity to do so before, because these are the women and the role models who can share actionable advice to women considering a career in the sector .

The conference with be not for profit and accessible for all with a low-ticket prices and child care facilities on site and will be inclusive to everyone because to reframe the narrative, we need everyone behind it.

But to make it happen I need the support of the community

We need sponsorship to make the event happen from businesses who really want to make a difference in this space, and for people to support and spread the word so we can reach the people who want to attend.

So, if you would like to support my vision please share the details, spread the word and get in touch!

Thank you in advance