Top 10 things to do once your TR course has finished
You've finished your course, your code is on GitHub... time to relax and wait for the job offers to roll in? Not so soon (sorry)!

Posted on Jul 28th, 2020 by Ellie

You've finished your course, your code is on GitHub - time to relax and wait for the job offers to roll in... right?


Unfortunately, if you're searching for a job, leaving your GitHub to go stale is a big no-no!


By all means, have a break after an intensive coding course (you deserve it after all)! But employers will be looking for GitHubs that are added to frequently, as this shows an applicant is self-motivated, passionate and good at keeping their skills fresh.

If you're stuck for ideas on what to do once your course has finished, here are some project ideas to keep you going...

Create something for social good

The planet is on fire, the end is nigh - we need all hands on deck to save humanity! Why not use an api to help people?

Whether that's using the nhs api to track coronaviris, the NASA api for tracking forest fires (you could create an app that warns people when a forest fire starts) or the Give Food api which gets data about food banks - there are a range of apis designed for social good.



Give Food:

Build a Space app or Weather forecasting app


There are plenty of free weather apis out there. Why not create a weather app and spice it up with some cool css? The same goes for the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day api (if you fancy something more spacey). 👽

Open Weather:


Build a calculator

There are lots of projects you can do that don't involve using apis like building a calculator.

This project is great if you're finding your feet with javascript (or whatever language you choose to build in), practicing maths and there are plenty of tutorials to help you with it.

If you do follow a tutorial though, make sure you have a go at building the calculator from scratch too (no peeking)!


Create your own blog or website

These are great projects to do, as when employers stalk review your GitHub it'll give them something to read about you - so make sure the contents good!

Here are a few examples from some of our returners:

Like gaming? Make a game 👾

From Noughts and Crosses, to Snake or to Grand Theft Auto (if you're feeling up for a challenge) games are a fun way to show off your coding skills.


Space Invaders:

Learn a new language

Really want to impress potential employers? Show them how many languages you can learn. Do a course, push your code to GitHub. Build one the above projects in your new language for practice.


Find some friends and start a group project

No woman (or man) is an island. Forming a group project is a great way to stay motivated and shows off your non-techy skills like working in teams, project management and much more. You can also add your team project as an organisation on your GitHub (to make yourself really stand out).

Build your own Trello app

Warning: this is harder than it looks

Build your on Trello app to stay organised. Get as creative as you like.

You could use a library for this or build your drag and drop functionality from scratch:

Build your own Twitter

This api has gotten a bit tougher to get hold of these days but nevertheless, designing your own twitter with streams of your favourite celebrities is a fun challenge.

Add your Code Wars challenges to GitHub


Keep your code skills sharp with Code Wars!

If you're not familiar with Code Wars heres a quick video to get you started:

Push your solutions to GitHub to show them off! 💃

There are hundreds of free APIs you can use. So whatever interests you - get creative and build it!

If the ideas above don't tickle your fancy heres are some extensive lists of free APIs you can use:

An article on more apps you could build:

Happy coding!