Part time work doesn't mean part time ambition
You can achieve what you want even if you’re part-time, You just have to use your imagination

Posted on Feb 27th, 2019 by Beckie

We read with interest this week an article in the Telegraph referencing the publication of the Timewise seventh annual Power 50 Awards, a list of 50 people in top UK jobs - So what you may say? There are hundreds of this type of list,  Well here’s the difference all of the people in the list work either part-time or flexibly and ten of the 50 are men rather shattering several common perceptions in business in one hit, the belief that senior jobs can’t be done part-time and that part-time work is the preserve of women and mothers. 

Timewise also commissioned a poll in which 60% of Britons said they thought a four day week could become the new normal, it’s a refreshing statistic which supports our long-held view that the 9-5 need no longer be the only way to work, that technological advances provide the ability to work anywhere and quite frankly that businesses need to realise that people don’t need to be tied to a desk for 40 hours a week to be productive and deliver which in turn means the talent pool automatically becomes a much bigger place creating opportunities for businesses to develop more diverse workforces and for those individuals who have previously been excluded from accessing fulfilling careers. 

One of the people featured in the article is 46 year old Chris Bryant who works as a Partner in a law firm - part-time whilst managing childcare, there’s also Michael Heap, a senior manager at EY who works part-time whilst running his own business as an app developer, there’s also Jenny Legg and Charlene Ford who job share an ensemble role in the musical 42nd Street in London’s West End, For Ford this arrangement allowed her to return to work after having her son in a role not known for its parent-friendly schedule, Kate Joseph and Dr Tarannum Rampal also work 3 and 4 days respectively, Joseph is the Cabinet Office’s National Security Securitat, Dr Rampal is a consultant anaesthetist at Medway NHS Foundation who went part-time after her second child and said:

"You can achieve what you want even if you’re part-time, You just have to use your imagination"

We say: Businesses - that goes for you too.