James Heggs, Technology Professional Of The Year
Awards success as Tech Returners Co Founder and CTO James Heggs wins Technology Professional Of The Year at The Made in Manchester Awards

Posted on Feb 7th, 2020 by Natalie

On Thursday 6th February, 460 members of the Manchester business community joined together at The Principal Hotel Manchester for an evening of celebration and the 9th Made in Manchester Awards, which saw Tech Returners Co Founder and CTO James Heggs scoop the award for technology professional of the year.

In 2017, James launched Tech Returners with co founder Beckie Taylor to empower returners and enable their opportunities in tech, by providing development and creating accessible routes into businesses through continual training and technology, resulting in more diverse and inclusive workforces. Since 2017 Tech Returners has enabled 29 careers into technology, and 26 of those women, through it's Your Journey Into Tech programme which delivers free software development training and career development support to deliver individuals into careers in tech.

There are currently 40 individuals in the Your Journey Into Tech programme the teaching of which is led by James, previous graduates of the programme are currently roles with businesses including ANS Group, BBC, Lloyds Banking Group and AutoTrader and the organisation is currently delivering an exclusive partnership to deliver female talent into software engineering teams at Booking.com. The Your Journey Into Tech programme will also roll out in London with a second partnership with the BBC.

In his dual role as CTO of Tech Returners and Tech Coach for the Your Journey Into Tech programme James is responsible for introducing new technologies and sharing understanding of how they impact and influence businesses for countless individuals, as part of the Your Journey Into Tech programme he introduces students to front and back end technologies including Programming Fundamentals, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Agile Processes, Version control with Git & Github, Problem Solving Techniques, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, React Development, APIs and Cloud AWS Technologies, Cloud Terminology and Skills, Databases & SQL, Serverless technologies and API Development, NodeJS and the Express framework.

In 2020 Tech Returners will begin delivery of new programme Your Journey Through Tech spearheaded by James the programme will deliver courses which enable upskilling through a career in software development and will begin with the DevOps Theory and Practice course which will provide a hands-on introduction to the theory and practice of DevOps covering a range of topics including Architecting, DeliveryCI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Amazon Web Services, Observability and Containerization.

Through the success of the Your Journey Into Tech programme Tech Returners has worked exclusively with businesses like the BBC and Booking.com and has doubled turnover since it's inception in 2017.

Hear more from James, join us on Tuesday 3rd March for our webinar ' Creating Journeys Into Tech' where we'll hear live from the technical mind behind the Tech Returners programmes and why he's so passionate about empowering careers in tech.