Your Return To Tech: Meet Our Sponsors - OpenCredo and Coeo
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Posted on Oct 8th, 2020 by Natalie

Monday 7th of September saw the start of a new cohort of Your Return To Tech. Welcoming 16 Returners who over the course of the next 8 weeks will work on technical projects and connect with forward thinking businesses looking to hire tech talent, just like them.

But who are these businesses and why have they decided to invest in Returner talent?

We're delighted to welcome OpenCredo and Coeo as sponsors for this cohort of Your Return To Tech. Their support of our Returners means they will have the opportunity to hire from our cohort of 16 at the end of the eight weeks and during that time they'll learn about the Returner's skills, amibtions and get to know them a lot better!

Let's get to know the new sponsors too!


Founded in 2009, OpenCredo (OC) was well known for it's expertise in Open-source (Open) technologies and believed (Credo) in the value that it could bring to businesses – making their goals a reality.

In 2017, OpenCredo became a part of the Trifork group. They continue today with the mission of unlocking business value by inspiring, aligning and building more reliable and smarter software solutions that make life better and easier for everyone.

At the heart of OC are a bunch of people who love tech and collaborating with one another to solve complex problems! Firm believers of challenges offering the best opportunity for growth (for both individuals and as a company) OpenCredo are driven by a desire to learn and to be at the forefront of industry developments.

Learn more about careers at OpenCredo here


Coeo partners with different organisations to improve their decision-making and resilience through the effective use of data. Working hand in hand, they help to predict these company futures, so that businesses can make better decisions today.

Coeo's Microsoft data platform and analytics specialists have vast experience working with clients across their entire data journeys, from modernisation and migration to artificial intelligence and beyond.

Coeo is 100% Microsoft-focused. They are a Microsoft Gold Partner with Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Azure Advanced Specialization - you can rest assured that your data estate will be in a safe pair of hands with Coeo!

Find out more about life at Coeo here

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