Keeping fit during lockdown - Online workouts to get you moving!
keeping fit whilst we’re in lockdown is limited to say the least, but much like everything else in this new world we now inhabit - technology is here to help.

Posted on Mar 26th, 2020 by Natalie

There’s no gym, no recreation centre, tennis clubs or golf and government advice is to only head outside for an hour a day, this can be for exercise but if you also need to get the kids out for fresh air or walk the dog, the time left for keeping fit whilst we’re in lockdown is limited to say the least, but much like everything else in this new world we now inhabit - technology is here to help.

We know exercise is good not just for body but mind too, so we’ve pulled together a useful list of online resources for getting moving and keeping your fitness up!

The BodyCoach (Free)

We won’t spend time introducing Joe Wicks, you’ll know who he is, but if you’re not familiar with the Body Coach model then you’re missing out, The BodyCoach YouTube Channel has loads of free videos with exercise for every level and the majority can be done with just bodyweight meaning there’s no need for investment in equipment and workouts start at just a manageable 15 minutes. You can even get the kids involved everyday at 9am with Live P.E lessons specially launched in response to the COVID19 outbreak.

BodyCoach YouTube

Sweat IT (Free)

Another one requiring no equipment and designed for home workouts, you’ll be getting stuck into jump squats, mountain climbers, press ups and more, join them for free daily Instagram lives for a simple yet effective routine.

Sweat IT

KOBOX (Free)

If Boxing is your thing, then daily live streamed classes from KOBOX on instagram, will keep your skills sharp and help you get a sweat on. All classes are a full body workout including the fundamentals of boxing, classes are 30 or 50 minutes.


GMB Fitness (Free 1 week trial)

Founded by gymnasts and martial arts instructors, GMB offers mobility routines designed to get you moving and correct things like years of hunching over a desk or phone. Expect to be bear crawling across the floor and getting into some strange positions, there’s no equipment required for this one, just an open mind! Prices vary per plan but a week's trial is free.

GMB Fitness

Les Mills on Demand (£9.99 monthly)

If you’re usually a gym goer and used to classes like BodyPump or BodyAttack then this one's for you, with hundreds of Les Mills classes available from beginner to athletic level, some options do require equipment but there are also classes such as dance and BodyBalance which are bodyweight based. Low investment for a lot of content.

Les Mills On Demand

Sweat with Kayla (£19.99 monthly)

An instagram sensation, with programmes designed for women across fitness levels from pregnancy to powerlifting and everything in between, the workouts are tough but can be done from home. You will need a bit of equipment, so if you’ve kettlebells or dumbbells hanging around gathering in dust they could come in good use for this one. The app also helps with a clean-eating plan and shopping lists.

Sweat with Kayla

What are you doing to keep fit during lockdown? Let us know if you’ve found a hidden gem and we’ll add it to our tips!