Drawing on lessons learned for the year ahead
Perfection doesn’t exist, let's all be a bit more honest about that in 2020"

Posted on Jan 3rd, 2020 by Beckie

It’s a new year and a new decade and like a lot of people I’ve been casting my mind back to some of the highlights which I soon realised were also the things that have provided some of my biggest learnings.

In the decade just gone, I’ve become a Mum (twice) and a business owner and both have taught me lessons which I was keen to share particularly in this season of insta-perfect festivities and long social media lists of achievements.

Be comfortable with the decisions you make

This one was very important to me earlier this year when I decided not to take maternity leave, plenty of people were keen to tell me how mad I was but I knew it was the right decision for me and my family, it gave me the mental balance I needed to feel like myself and not suffer from the loss of confidence I’d previously experienced with my first maternity leave and whilst it’s not been easy in the slightest, it’s worked for me and it’s a decision I’m proud I was bold enough to make. 

Not everyone will like you

A big learning from the last decade and one at times I found extremely hard to come to terms with, I’m fiercely passionate about what I do and when people reacted to me in a way I couldn’t understand I took this very personally, but with the support of good people around me, I slowly realised that I simply wouldn’t be liked by everyone but that there was little point worrying about it because it was a situation which was out of my control. You may be reading this and thinking‘ “well, easier said than done Beckie!’ and you’d be right but if you feel like I did I urge you to stay focused on what matters to you and try not to worry about what others think. 

Nothing is perfect, let’s be honest

Seriously nothing. Social media is a great tool for keeping in touch with people, for business but it also paints pictures of perfectly curated lives which are largely fictional, it’s not that people are lying per se but it’s also hugely important to realise that people are only sharing the good bits and rarely the bits that are a bit tough or challenging. Very recently I’ve had the thoughts that I was the only one not having the idyllic family Christmas and packed weekends full of festive cheer but guess what?! turns out I’m not the only one! I was honest about that and as a result, so were other people, we need to do more of this, perfection doesn’t exist, sometimes things are a bit rough and it’s fine to say so. 

So those are my learnings and they’re things which have helped me immensely in the last decade, year and even month. We are always learning and that’s a great thing, I’m excited for the year ahead and I’m certain it’s going to massive one for Tech Returners, I’ll be taking my learnings with me and no doubt picking up some more along the way but there are two things I will always stick to ‘ be happy’ and ‘never, never, give up’