Job seeking during COVID19
We can’t stress this enough: some companies are still hiring

Posted on Apr 14th, 2020 by Natalie

Furlough, contract cancelled, hiring freezes and more. It’s safe to say that the narrative around hiring is a little negative at the moment! Despite all of this, some businesses are still hiring and more importantly, others will be busily preparing their recruitment plans and strategy for when all this is over.

Because that’s the other thing to focus on, this will end. So staying focused on your job search and being an attractive candidate when the market picks up again is an opportunity not to be missed.

Here we share some practical tips on keeping focused...

Keep Applying and Get Connected

We can’t stress this enough, some companies are still hiring. There are still jobs out there! So keep looking in all the places you usually would and keep applying for roles. In addition to this we’re finding the world a much friendlier place right now, so don’t be afraid to reach out to hiring managers within the business you’re applying to. Their job just got a lot harder so they’ll appreciate you getting in touch and it’s a move which could you set you apart from other candidates.

Polish up that CV and Get Creative

We would always recommend keeping your CV up to date and writing a cover letter for each job you apply for. In the current circumstances the job market is likely to be more competitive, so it’s a good time to ‘up your game’ make sure your CV and covering letter are relevant to each application, ensure they contain key words and really answer the questions the job description or advert is answering. For technical roles it’s time to clean up that code and maybe even create some new projects which showcase your skills.

Focus on Personal Development

Whether you’re currently out of work, furloughed or just finding yourself with more time on your hands as a result of COVID19 then it’s a great time to focus on personal development. Consider courses and learning which will be valuable to the roles you’re applying to and where you want to be in the future. There’s nothing wrong with a career gap or break in work but any prospective employer is likely to ask what you’ve been doing. Now is a good time focus on online events, webinars and things which keep you active in the community and world of work.

Consider Volunteering or Other Work

As you’d expect there are plenty of charities, causes and even businesses outside of your core sector or skills that would be grateful for your time and commitment during the COVID19 pandemic, consider delivery work, helping at homeless shelters or kitchens, working in your local supermarket or even helping out in your own neighbourhood. These are all worthwhile things to do if you are safely able to and they are a great example of character to any potential employer, plus if you are in the position of being out of work these roles will keep your skills sharp and mind and body active.

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