The Women Who Inspire Women: Victoria inspires Natalie
Who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to our amazing community who shared the women who inspire them.

Posted on Mar 11th, 2020 by Natalie

As part of International Women’s Day we’ve been thinking about the women who inspire us and in doing so we realised that those we find inspiring come from so many different areas of our lives whether it’s our own female relatives, our boss, the Mum on the school playground or the female business leader on the conference stage they all represent something that perhaps we want to achieve ourselves, aspire to be or who we simply admire -

But who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to Natalie, Tech Returners Marketing Consultant who shared some words about the woman who inspires her most.

Victoria inspires Natalie

One of the women I find most inspiring in my professional life is Victoria Beckham, no I’m not a Spice Girls fan nor do I own some platform shoes though at 5ft 1’ tall they might have been useful at some points in my life! but I admire Victoria Beckham not for her ‘Zig a Zig ah’ days but rather for the fashion brand she has built up since then,

but why so inspiring?

It takes guts and guile to set up in one of the most challenging and frankly brutal industries in the world, fashion is not for the faint-hearted and yet she still decided to go for it, to follow her passion, despite the fact she could have easily rested on her laurels and lived on the literal millions earned by her rather famous husband. She had the drive and passion to go after her dream in a world where every mistake and every success is played out in public.

People start businesses every day, I’ve done it myself but not under the spotlight of the tabloid press and social media just waiting for failure and a hugely critical fashion world looking down its nose and I think it’s a product of that passion and drive to succeed almost against all odds that made brand VB successful. A former pop star showing a collection that is well received at London Fashion Week and beyond is quite the rarity, this is no celebrity fashion line, Victoria Beckham has taken time to learn everything about this world, how to run a fashion brand, what goes into making the clothes and the handbags and immersed herself in something she is truly passionate about. Brand VB has hit the headlines recently with financial woes, business life is not always plain sailing of course but there is no sign of it’s founder giving up - I doubt she ever will and I find that truly inspiring.

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