The Women Who Inspire Women: Doreen inspires Kate
Who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to our amazing community who shared the women who inspire them.

Posted on Mar 10th, 2020 by Natalie

As part of International Women’s Day we’ve been thinking about the women who inspire us and in doing so we realised that those we find inspiring come from so many different areas of our lives whether it’s our own female relatives, our boss, the Mum on the school playground or the female business leader on the conference stage they all represent something that perhaps we want to achieve ourselves, aspire to be or who we simply admire -

But who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to Kate who shared some words about the women who inspires her most.

Doreen inspires Kate

I didn’t have to think long about who I was going to choose as I have a number of really important women in my life, I come from a long line of very strong females, Nana Murphy being the ultimate Alpha in our family and when she passed away a couple of years ago I felt a massive sense of loss, a feeling I had never experienced before, I can only describe it as empty and a feeling I don’t wish to encounter again for quite some time thank you very much, then I could have chosen my Aunty and my Mum who again are really important role models for me, have been all my life, guiding me in the right direction, giving me advice and then my 2 little girls who inspire me every day to be the best version of myself - without sounding corny I want them to know they can do anything as long as it’s legal and not hurting anybody - my advice to them from being tiny and will always be my mantra is to be kind to people and treat others with respect -quite prevalent it seems in todays world.

If I look outside of my family and look at the world of celebrity, there is one woman who I have followed on my social media channels for a number of years, her name is Giovanna Fletcher, she is an author, actress, mother and tv presenter and also the wife of Tom Fletcher from McFly. Its not so much the accomplishments that impress me, however, they can’t be overlooked, it’s her view on motherhood and her view that we are all in it together just trying to do our best, I listen to her podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby and everything she speaks about resonates with me so much. I love people like her that tell it like it is, she tells the truth and doesn’t fluff things up, if she has struggled one day with her kids she tells you she has struggled, she’s honest and that is what I love.

When I had my now 3-year-old, Tilley, I would scroll Instagram and Facebook for some company and I would often see her posts and I didn’t feel alone, there was somebody else up at 2 am feeding a baby running on adrenaline and in those quiet early morning feeds it was so nice to see somebody else in it with me. I really love how she talks about the balance between juggling motherhood, having a career and the impact it has on your life - no sugar coating, just honesty.

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