The Women Who Inspire Women: Carrie inspires Hannah
Who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to our amazing community who shared the women who inspire them.

Posted on Mar 10th, 2020 by Natalie

As part of International Women’s Day we’ve been thinking about the women who inspire us and in doing so we realised that those we find inspiring come from so many different areas of our lives whether it’s our own female relatives, our boss, the Mum on the school playground or the female business leader on the conference stage they all represent something that perhaps we want to achieve ourselves, aspire to be or who we simply admire -

But who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to Hannah who shared some words about the woman who inspires her most.

Carrie inspires Hannah

Carrie Fisher, actress, writer and comedian, is someone who has inspired me greatly. Carrie spoke publicly about her experiences with bipolar and subsequent drug addiction without letting the stigma weigh her down. Her advice, words, and courage have educated the public on mental health and in turn, slowly diminish the stigma attached.

Without people like Carrie in the public eye, we really would struggle to make progress with normalising mental health issues within society. What a woman!

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