The Women Who Inspire Women: Caroline inspires Alba
Who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to our amazing community who shared the women who inspire them.

Posted on Mar 11th, 2020 by Natalie

As part of International Women’s Day we’ve been thinking about the women who inspire us and in doing so we realised that those we find inspiring come from so many different areas of our lives whether it’s our own female relatives, our boss, the Mum on the school playground or the female business leader on the conference stage they all represent something that perhaps we want to achieve ourselves, aspire to be or who we simply admire -

But who do our Tech Returners find inspirational? - we spoke to Alba who shared some words about the women who inspire her most.

Caroline inspires Alba

Change is only possible thanks to courageous and determined people, such as Rosa Parks, Caroline Criado Perez or Melinda Gates. At first glance, we may think their lives are completely different but they actually have something in common: they got involved and fought for what they believe in.

They invest and invested their time, resources and even compromised their health to make CHANGE happen.

Rosa Parks refused to be treated as a second-class citizen and she changed millions of people’s lives. It all started when she refused to give up her seat to a white person at his request, despite her being legally obliged to do so.

Melinda Gates dedicates her life to empower women in less developed countries by making vaccines and contraception methods (among others) accessible. She’s also doing a fantastic work encouraging women to get into Tech.

Caroline Criado Perez didn’t believe in feminism until she saw the evidences and she’s now working hard to make this world equal for both men and women, exposing the gender data gap and its repercussion not only in women’s lives but also in the global economy. Have you ever wondered why queues for women’s toilets are longer than men’s? Women and men’s needs are different and we are failing to address this difference.

It’s easy to go through life complaining about everything and do nothing about it. These three women inspire me to do more to change those things I don’t like both in my life and in our society. They inspire me to be optimistic, to believe in change. They inspire me to be courageous and to be determined.

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