Collaboration drives an inclusive and powerful tech industry…
It is what makes us powerful, far-reaching and unique

Posted on Aug 13th, 2022 by Emma Owens

In the mission to create a tech industry that celebrates difference, recognises the transferable skills of parents and accepts the often unpredictable shape of real people’s careers, we continually witness something:

Collaboration is what makes us powerful, far-reaching and unique.

Alone we can do a lot, but together there are new levels of expertise, richer perspectives and ultimately, a deeper impact to be had. Essentially, just like the dream tech team, a diverse team brings better results. gets that. This is why we’re delighted to be partnering up to change the lives of a group of people (you could be one of them) who want to get back to tech, and back to themselves.

'We’re constantly looking for great engineers to build solutions with our customers in mind. Partnering with Tech Returners is a great opportunity to recruit from an often overlooked talent pool who will bring value and experience.'

Pierre Harscouet, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Specialist,

Life happens.

Life and careers don’t happen in a straight, predictable line. People sometimes need time out, and often those people are women; a group - amongst others - which is massively underrepresented in the tech industry. Yet sees value in those people and their career breaks.

That’s why we gather and empower people who used to work in software engineering, but then for whatever reason, took a career break. However long that break, we support them in getting back up to scratch with the latest tech through an eight week programme which, thanks to brilliant companies like, is completely free to attend. Not only do participants upskill in tech, they get support with confidence and interpersonal skills. And the cherry on the top is that on completion of the programme, they are guaranteed an interview with our hiring partner…

'One year ago I was quite desperate and felt useless. After a long break in my career as a software developer due to health issues I felt like I could not make use of my experience and skills anymore, and struggled to get back on my feet. How wrong I was'!

'I see the ‘Your Return to Tech’ experience as a rebirth process, the coaches are so inspirational and supportive they helped me to remove all the cobwebs stacked on my confidence and knowledge, I learnt to have a different approach and embraced a growth mindset, and in few months I can barely recognise the person I used to be.'

Laura, Returner

The right type of partner

When trying to build up people's confidence and empower them back into the tech industry after time away, it’s essential that we collaborate with the right businesses.

Here’s three reasons we know that are the one for us and more importantly, the one for those potential returners out there.

  1. is committed to creating a workplace focused on inclusion.

Last year saw the company win the D&I Officer and Role Model Award and whilst awards look lovely on the office shelves, we know it’s got to be about action. makes a concerted effort to action initiatives which empower and celebrate what makes people different and communicate externally about those initiatives. From ‘colleague-created communities’ such as a ‘Black Community’ and ‘Pride Community’ to ‘Parents Community’ - these groups educate, enhance culture and feed in new ways to improve.

We also know that by choosing to work with us, values a diverse team.

I really liked maths as a small girl. I learned to program at home. I really liked it and I didn’t really care what people thought or said about it. So never stop learning.

Marina Gluzberg, Engineering lead,

With an annual Gender Pay Gap Report which doesn’t sugarcoat or shy away from the real numbers, we can see there has been improvement year on year, with recognition of what needs to change.

There is always more work to do and in the world of tech - gender, race, age, disability and class are all factors which can make your entrance or return into tech more challenging, which is why it’s refreshing to see genuine effort and self-awareness from our hiring partner.

  1. Transparent and fair hiring is something we want to see in the organisations we work with. absolutely ticks that box.

As someone who may have been out of the world of work for some time, confidence might naturally be low; Imposter syndrome creeps in and opportunities can feel beyond grasp. Our programme focuses on more than just the technical coaching by bringing in Confidence and Mindset coaches to work with Returners. We support on interview prep and like to make sure individuals walk into an interview knowing their worth! compliments our efforts with a clear breakdown of their hiring process detailing what can be expected at each stage, who might be present and how to excel in each particular section, plus a bunch of useful FAQs. We know this level of clarity and detail will support our Returners in going into the process feeling prepared and ready.

  1. As a fintech leader, is thriving

We want returners to become part of a workplace that’s exciting, successful and making positive waves across the world. is one of those businesses. For, success comes from a real commitment to seeing themselves as partners, rather than providers to clients and creating impact at a global but also local scale.

A role at this organisation is going to see our returners empowered to create genuine change within the world of fintech and we think that’s a great place to be. Glassdoor certainly thinks so, listing it in the ‘Top 10 fintechs to work for’.

Ready to join the returning revolution?

This collaboration between three unique but aligned groups is maybe an unusual one: a courageous group of people wanting to return to tech, our own organisation of passionate folks motivated by reframing the industry and a progressive and celebrated fintech leader. That sounds like an eclectic, diverse but incredibly powerful partnership to us and we hope to see you there.

If you’re a business interested in collaborating to bring more returners back to tech, we want to chat. Let’s see what we can create together.

If you’re looking to return to tech in a supportive and empowering environment, why not apply for our upcoming September programme with the incredible today? You might surprise yourself.