Dinner & DevOps
This course provides a natural skillset to add to your existing knowledge or that of your teams.

Posted on Mar 24th, 2020 by James

Dinner and DevOps is an 5 part webinar series covering different practical skills required in DevOps roles.

It is delivered over 5 x 1 hour sessions and covers the following high level structure:

DevOps Challenge

Dinner and DevOps Overview Video

  • Culture and Resources - CALMS
  • Provisioning - You'll create a Kubernetes cluster using Infrastructure as Code - Terraform , touching on VPC's, subnets and high availability
  • Operations - We'll work through utilising your Kubernetes cluster
  • Deployment Automation - We'll stand up a CI/CD tool and deployment of a series of different interacting applications as Docker containers on to your cluster
  • Observability - We'll work through centralised logging, monitoring and alerting utilising prometheus
  • A dedicated cohort slack channel (on the Tech Returners community) for guidance and community support

There will be homework and you'll get access to all the code samples - that should keep you busy in those self development hours we have right now!

Why this course?

Are you Brent? Have you read the Phoenix Project?

Whether you're a Software Engineer looking to upskill a Junior DevOps Engineer, this course provides a natural skillset to add to your existing knowledge or that of your teams.

You may already be being asked to use skills you haven't been formally taught such as cloud interaction and provisioning.

This course will improve skills allowing you to be more productive to your team and in turn your wider organisation and allows exploration of other career routes in the future.

If you're the only 'Cloud Ops' person in your business, then we're here to help you to spread the knowledge and prevent 'burn out' by providing your teams with a brand new skillset around totally new technologies that translate to multiple organisations,

We'll also provide further operational awareness of your applications run inp roduction and how you can build resilient high performing applications resulting in less pressure on a single individual and increasing business throughput whilst maintaining quality.

Why learn with us?

Lead Tech Coach and CTO of Tech Returners James Heggs has over 15 years experience leading Tech Teams and has been a DevOps Consultant since 2014, he has experience across a range of industries including at commercial and governmental level and is co-organiser of popular industry meet up DevOps Manchester.

Having created and delivered the successful Your Journey Into Tech programme, James has an ability explain technical concepts in a way that people understand and is an engaging educator with an unmatched passion for tech and the DevOps world.

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With the current CoronaVirus Outbreak, many of us are staying at home, staying safe and as a result may want to spend some time out on personal development, why not take those hours spent on the commute or school run and do something which will benefit you and your career and create time and space to focus on you.

Our online webinar series is just £34.99 and alongside outstanding technical teaching will also provide a social connection joining others in remote study and becoming part of our dedicated community.

With our commitment to the community we are donating 10% of every programme sold to a charity which supports people who are affected by the coronavirus we will confirm the charity in due course

Want to join us for the next Dinner & DevOps. Get in touch hello@techreturners.com