DevOps Theory and Practice - An Overview
DevOps is a thing, (you know this already) and now with wide-scale cloud adoption, we're requiring that mix of operational and development skills more and more

Posted on Feb 20th, 2020 by James

In March 2020 we are launching our DevOps Theory and Practice course.

The course is designed for individuals that are currently employed in technical engineering roles looking to take up extra DevOps based responsibilities. For example you might be a developer that has to also manage various AWS cloud based systems or you've been tasked with researching containerisation and Kubernetes. If this sounds like you, please get in touch to find out more.

Overview of the 4 days

The course works through a journey of 4 key areas surrounding DevOps, starting with the cultural and organisational aspects following through to the technical tooling supporting the transformation.

DevOps Culture and History

Here we review the history of DevOps, some of the terms (such as CALMS) associated with DevOps, what it means in the real world and the organisational impact it can have.

Architecting and provisioning

We cover different approaches to architecting software and practically you will utilise IaC tooling to provision and test environments in a Cloud environment. The course is largely cloud agnostic in that it provides guides on doing this for the 3 main cloud providers - GCP, AWS and Azure.


This stage of the course focuses on delivery and orchestration of software. Creation of continuous deployment pipelines as well as orchestration of software for high availability


The final stage focuses on the Site Reliability aspects of monitoring, logging and metrics and you will setup monitoring/alerting tooling for your deployed software.