Why the COVID19 outbreak shouldn’t halt your hiring progress

Posted on Mar 25th, 2020 by Natalie

There’s no doubt about it, the CoronaVirus outbreak is dominating the news and the minds of everyone, business leaders included, with some of the biggest questions being around hiring. Some industries such as hospitality have already been hit hard but not every industry will slow down and not every company will slow down, so if you were hiring before CoronaVirus then you shouldn’t stop now.

Why are we saying this? Because the talent is still out there, the same people are in the job market that were there before and given everything else going on in the world, they’re probably even more passionate than they were before about making a change, not to mention the fact that people need secure jobs right now, so if you have to them available, you should still be filling them.

Will the process be a bit more difficult? Yes of course, for the next couple of months and maybe beyond you won’t be able to screen or interview in the usual way, you’ll need to get creative about the pre-interview tasks you set for applicants and how you interact with them at each stage of the process, you may even want to rip up the process and start again, after all things are different now - no one had plans in place for this, but adapting is key.

Carrying on hiring is good for business in more than one respect, sure you get the talent you need, more on that in a moment, but you’ll also be seen as a progressive business, one that moved with the rapidly changing landscape and was able to adapt and when life goes back to normal (and it will!) you’ll have the competitive edge over those businesses who could have kept hiring but put on the brakes but who will almost certainly be hiring when this is over in what will be a very crowded marketplace.

And a final word on the talent you hire, these are unprecedented times and anyone still looking to make a career move is likely to contain some of the best qualities you could want in a hire, they’ll be optimistic, tenacious, adaptable to change and focused, so it’s on you to ensure that their candidate experience is better than it ever has been before - they may be your best hire yet.

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