What does balance for better mean to you?
Balance means different things to all of us, here's what it means to our network of amazing women.

Posted on Mar 5th, 2019 by Beckie

Balance is an oft used word here at Tech Returners, in our daily lives we're focused on providing opportunities for people who’ve taken a career break to return to work. Finding the right balance between work, home and other responsibilities is key to that and so we're really pleased about this year's International Women's Day which is #BalanceforBetter.

We're also really fortunate here to be surrounded by an amazing network of women and since balance means different things to everyone, we decided to ask just what it means to them.

It's about self care

For Emma, balance means not forgetting to put her needs first sometimes and being compassionate to herself when things don’t go the way she would like, whilst Chloe said balance means planning time to allow for things I know will help me be a better Mum, wife, friend, daughter sister and professional, so looking after myself which is a total work in progress

Elizabeth said "Balance in all walks of life and is a daily pursuit. In today's world, we seek quick results and gratification, balance for better reminds me that it is important to be patient and think what have I missed, gain different perspectives, reminding myself to stay curious and I don't know what I don't know"

It's about employer understanding

Chloe added “Balance in the workplace is trying to keep employees motivated and engaged whilst ensuring the needs of the business are met. So treating people like adults, recognising that women especially still want to achieve & allow time for their family. It’s not one thing or the other, our priorities change as we get older so work needs to appreciate that there’s a need to flex to that.

Laura said “For me, it’s about employers realising that there are periods in people’s lives where they need a little extra support or flexibility to help them reach balance. It’s not just about maternity and childcare”

It’s about changing perceptions

For Amanda it’s about empowering change “Front of mind for me this year, in addition to the many challenges still facing women, is the lack of balance that the majority of working fathers have. As Gloria Steinem said we won’t achieve gender equality in work until we achieve it at home.

So, when I reflect on this year’s #balanceforbetter theme I wonder how women can encourage and empower the men close to them to request or petition their employers for equal paternity leave, to request care leave more often, to feel empowered to work from home or leave the office early if their children fall sick”

And for us, it’s about all of those things and more, it’s about finding time to take our kids to school, taking ownership of our professional development, taking steps to improve ourselves,finding time to exercise or focus on health,  increasing our knowledge and helping those around us find balance too.