Struggling to hire Software Engineers, what about a different approach?
What if you could reduce hours spent sifting CVs, checking GitHub and lines of code and eliminate interview stages? YOU CAN! , we've got qualified Software Engineers ready to go and looking for the next step on their journey into tech.

Posted on Feb 26th, 2020 by Natalie

Following successful completion of our Your Journey Into Tech programme, we are in the fortunate position of having some hugely talented returners within our ranks who are now looking for roles.

Having been trained by our expert coaches these individuals are skilled in utilising React, NodeJS, Express, AWS (Lambda and RDS), BrowserStack cross-platform testing, UAT practices, agile working in the form of Kanban and Scrum practices, deployment to technologies like Netlify, PR peer review processes, usage of external API's such as SendGrid for sending email - to name but a few! - but that’s not all.

These individuals have committed to enter or re-enter a career in technology and bring with them a wealth of transferable skills and industry knowledge and importantly the passion and drive to succeed in a technology career.

If your business is looking to recruit software engineers, now is the perfect time to talk to us about investing in returner talent, we’re not a recruitment firm and as such, all we ask is that you pay it forward.

Paying it forward

Our training is free and has enabled countless individuals into careers in technology but this only works with the support of like-minded businesses, the cost of supporting a returner is more than 90% less than the fee you’d pay to bring just one software engineer into your business using traditional recruitment methods, so all that we ask is that you commit to supporting a future returner to technology on their journey if you choose to hire with us.

Talk to our dedicated Talent Team today to learn more about our returners and what they can bring to your business.