2 questions with...Sara
Communication is key when it comes to a coding career...

Posted on Sep 16th, 2019 by Natalie

As part of #NationalCodingWeek we're catching up with graduates from past returner cohorts to ask them to share an insight into their coding career, what's surprised them and the biggest skill they've had to learn!

In this edition we speak to Sara, who graduated from our March 2019 cohort of ' Your Journey Into Tech' and is now a Developer at ANS Group.

What's the thing which has surprised you most about your coding career?

What surprised me the most were procedures and methodologies used by a professional software team everyday. When you're coding on your own you are very free to work however you want, how much you want and decide your goal as you go along, whereas in a team everything is very structured. We have sprint planning sessions every two weeks, a daily dev stand-up meeting, we estimate tickets together as a group and there are code review procedures in place. I've really enjoyed learning about how a professional team works and can see now the benefits of having that structure.

What's the biggest skill (outside of the technical ones) you've needed to learn or develop as part of your coding career?

The biggest skill that a developer needs in order to grow in his/her career is, I think, being a good communicator as well as a good coder. There are many opportunities for us to present/describe/tutor one another, and it is really valuable when a colleague can help you break down a problem or can clearly present a new feature that the group needs to implement.

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