2 questions with...Emma

Posted on Sep 17th, 2019 by Natalie

As part of #NationalCodingWeek we're catching up with graduates from past returner cohorts to ask them to share an insight into their coding career, what's surprised them and the biggest skill they've had to learn!

In this edition we speak to Emma, who graduated from our January 2019 cohort of 'Stepping Into Tech' an excluive programme ran by Tech REturners for the BBC. Emma is now a Developer at the BBC.

What's the thing which has surprised you most about your coding career?

It's not all about coding! I don't actually code all day every day!! (maybe 50%?) So as someone who had a career in another field it means that although moving into a software development career was daunting it turns out I was a lot more "useful" thank I was expecting. Areas like: communication, team building/management, organisational and facilitating.

What's the biggest skill (outside of the technical ones) you've needed to learn or develop as part of your coding career?

I think clear communication is really key, especially as we pair on everything. This also extends to trying to be understanding of the ways my colleagues work best and how they learn which is something I am really working on because by facilitating the best environment that works for your pair you not only are more efficient, but happier, and more satisfied with your the work overall.

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