DevOps Up-Skill FAQs
Here are a few details and previous asked questions around the DevOps Up-Skill programme.

Posted on Jul 5th, 2021 by James

Our first three DevOps Up-Skill programmes have seen 66 engineers come through the six sessions covering a range of DevOps-based topics.

With our Autumn programmes starting soon, here are a few questions to help shed some light on the programme and what it covers.

Which cloud providers does the programme cover?

The programme covers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure.

What tech stack does the programme cover?

The cohort go through a lot of technical aspects. The following gives a flavour of the type of stack that people will work through and provision.

  • Infrastructure as code to provision cloud infrastrucrure (for their chosen environment) with Terraform
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes (EKS, AKS or GKE) and supporting tooling such as Helm charting.
  • Adoption of GitOps workflows with an ArgoCD operator
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (pipelines as code) utilising SaaS based services such as CircleCI
  • Monitoring and observability provisioning using Prometheus and centralised logging discussions with tools like FluentD

Are code examples provided?

Full code examples for all of the stack are provided along with documentation to work through for spinning up environments and operating them.

Does the programme cover organisational aspects as well as technical?

Absolutely! Although much of the previous mentioned work is technical, the programme starts with covering the organisational and enterprise impact that DevOps can have. Discussing aspects such as the three flows from the DevOps Handbook and Site Reliability considerations such as Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Indicators (SLIs).

I've not got an engineering background, can I do the programme?

The programme does make certain assumptions on a person's skillset. Such as being familiar with Git version control and some programming experience. Whilst a particular programming language isn't mentioned, we have found that past experience with some form of coding is required for the programme.

If you are looking at supporting the personal development of your engineering team with the programme you can register your interest here

If you are an existing engineer and looking to up-skill yourself for the purposes of achieving a new role, then you can directly apply to our September or November 2021 programmes on the links below:

DevOps Up-Skill September 2021

DevOps Up-Skill November 2021