Tell us about your TR experience?

"The quality of the teaching on the programme is outstanding and the coaches supportive. I learned so much, gained confidence and it set us up to continue that learning journey by helping develop our growth mindset."

Helen, a previous Tech Returner happy in her new job
Tech Returner Helen now works at Infinity Works!
What’s your background, Helen?

"Before I had my son, I worked as a SAS contractor for various companies. It had been several years since I left that job and I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to go back to it. The way I found out about the Tech Returners programme was fairly unusual. I have been a canal restoration volunteer since I was 16, and we had gone away on a family volunteering week. I was talking to another lady while we were working and she mentioned Tech Returners to me. As soon as I got home I did some research and realised that it was exactly what I wanted to do."

Why did you apply to TR?

"I wanted to re-skill in current technologies. I also wanted to keep myself occupied after my son went to school yet still be around for him outside of school hours as he settled. The timings of the programme worked well."

How did TR support you into your career?

"Tech Returners provided support with applications and interviews and I managed to secure employment with one of the programme sponsors, it wasn’t just about the technical elements but about the confidence to go after the career you want as well."

What would you say to anyone applying for the programme?

"It does take a lot of time outside of the teaching time so take your time thinking about it and make sure it’s a family decision - but for me, it was definitely worth the effort and juggling everything around project time."

And finally, tell us a little bit about what you do now!

"I’m a Full Stack Engineer with Infinity Works! I really feel this role has brought a new energy to my day and a real purpose. My brain is being used and I’m being stretched as an individual. It’s pressed the reset button on my tech career that hopefully will mean I’ll be doing it for years."

"I wanted the challenge of a career in technology, I love the satisfaction of making things work. Infinity Works appealed because of the variety of clients and exposure to different technologies. I also liked the fact that they do consultancy differently"
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