Who we are

Tech Returners aims to remove the barriers that returners of all ages, genders and life circumstances face after a career break and, as a result, help to tackle the skills shortage in tech.


Helping you to define your own path in tech, whether that is finding the right career for you or setting up your own business.


Helping to remove any barriers by offering benefits such as flexible start times, remote learning and building connections with child care providers.


Welcoming returners from diverse backgrounds, ages, experience. We are non-judgemental about your route to returnship.


Working with our returners, mentors and our advocates to provide as many opportunities as possible to develop your journey.

Our aim is ultimately to help you determine your next steps in tech by providing you with the confidence, resources and technical skillset to successfully make your own choices.

Why we're passionate about Returners

Research shows that women who return to work can often be forced to return to lower skilled or lower paid jobs because of a lack of flexibility around family, paying a penalty for having a career break. Tech Returners aims to tackle this important issue for those who wish to have a career and flexibility around their home lives. You can read more research here and thoughts from our founder Beckie in our news section

Meet Our Team

The Tech Returners team has over ten years of experience, both in personal development
and practical training in the tech industry.

Tech Returners is the creation of Beckie Taylor who has a global HR background and is a co-founder of Women in Tech North. Beckie combines her passion for business with her role as a mum and developed Tech Returners so she could help others with a flexible way to return to tech or enter after a career break.

Beckie is supported on Tech Returners by tech specialist James Heggs.

Tech Returners is designed to break down the barriers for people returning to, or starting out in tech. We offer an introduction to coding and your journey into coding, as well as leadership mentoring and personal development guidance.

Beckie Taylor: Founder, Returner Coach and mum to Ethan

With Tech Returners, we are aiming to bring talent back into the workforce, empowering people with the skills they need to find new employment or start their own businesses, helping to make a more profitable economy in the north west.

James Heggs: Tech Coach / Cloud and Data and dad to Eoghan

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